Brand Strength

Cechy produktu

  • ISBN 9783824479597 


As brands have developed an image as an integral, beneficial part of products and services, the evaluation of brands has become the subject of substantial research. Sparked by the strong interest in measuring the financial value of brands, numerous attempts to assess the value of a brand from a marketing perspective have been made recently.§Martin G. Walser generates a standardized scheme for describing and evaluating existing approaches to measure the strength of a brand. On this basis, the author contributes to the as yet limited scientific research into the formation of brand strength żeby breaking with the well established "advertising paradigm", which postulates that strong brands are above all the result of advertising. Instead, he focuses on "experiential information", i.e. The consumers' experience with the brand, as a main source of brand strength. An empirical study supports the author's conceptual model and invites both researchers and practitioners to take into consideration the consumers' experience more explicitly.§Das Werk wurde mit dem Nestlé-Preis für Wirtschaftswissenschaften 2001 und mit dem Preis der Wirtschaftskammer Tirol 2001 ausgezeichnet.

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