Creativity and Data Marketing Wang, Becky

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  • ISBN 9780749477240 


The world is moving towards universal connectivity at a dizzying rate: thanks to the internet, there will be new ways to connect, converse, transact and experience the world that we cannot imagine today.

Underpinning this whole system of connection is an infrastructure that generates a trail of data, a trail that not only tells us about human behaviour, but also tells us about consumer behaviour and market dynamics, as well as the relationships we value and the culture we live in.

Creativity and Data Marketing helps marketers access this data, find meaning in it and leverage it to gain a competitive advantage. Creativity and Data Marketing helps senior marketing practicioners improve existing infrastructure, processes and activities to 1.Find new addressable markets 2.Validate (or re-think) market demand 3.Better understand the consumer 4.Market test and improve the product/service/experience sold 5.Identify consumer touch points beyond paid media (including forums, editorial in blogs, native advertising, and word-of-mouth) 6.Develop, support and apply greater creativity in communications 7.Apply data effectively in 'creative' fields such as advertising and marketing

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