Napoleonic Leadership - Wysyłka od 3,99 - porównuj ceny z wysyłką (opr. miękka)

Cechy produktu

  • ISBN 9781446294437 
  • Oprawa miękka 
  • Autor Gosling, Prof. Jonathan / Jones, Stephanie 
  • Wydawnictwo SAGE Publications Ltd 
  • Ilość stron 160 


They followed him through the Egyptian desert, through the snow of Russia, and when he made a surprise comeback after going into exile, they dropped everything and followed him again...What precisely was it about Napoleon that made people want to follow him? How did his name come to be synonymous with brilliance, legend and glory despite displaying opportunistic and manipulative tendencies, and regularly deserting those that followed him? 200 years after his defeat, what lessons can we learn from his successes and his failures? As we mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, this fascinating study on leadership and power tackles the questions that continue to intrigue and mystify. Through the inclusion of Reflections and Questions, Jones and Gosling also highlight some important lessons for current and future managers and leaders. The book is a must-read for students of leadership, practising managers and leaders, and anyone with an interest in Napoleon, his rise to power and his ultimate defeat.

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