Reflections - Ray Charles (Płyta CD)

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Płyta kompaktowa z nagraniami muzycznymi.Spis utworów:CD 11. Hallelujah, I love Her so2. Come Back, Baby3. It should''ve Been Me4. Funny, But I Still Love you5. Mess Around6. Lonely Avenue7. Walkin '' And Talkin''8. If I give you My Love9. This little Girl of mine10. Alone in this city11. Honey Honey12. Th'' Ego Song13. Let me hear You call my name14. Rockin'' Chair blues15. Don''t put all your dreams in one basket16. Kissa me baby\\17. You''ll never miss the water18. A sentimental blues19. See see rider20. Leave me woman alone21. Blues before sunrise22. This love on mine23. Baby let me hold your hand24. Don''t yoy know25. The snow is fallingCD 21. I got a woman2. A fool for you3. Jumpin In the Mornin4. Losing Hand5. She''s on The Ball6. Can''t you see darling7. Why did you go8. Hey now9. Baby won''t you please come home10. Misery in my heart11. Can anyone Ask for more12. Someday13. Let''s have a ball14. I''m wondering and wondering15. I''ll do anything but work 16. Lonely Boy17. Roll with me baby18. How long, how long blues19. Late in the evening blues20. The Sun''s gonna shine21. Mary Ann22. What have I done23. The midnight hour 24. Drown im My own Tears25. Greenbacks

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