Cow Country. Darmowy odbiór w niemal 100 księgarniach!

Cechy produktu

  • ISBN 9788381365994 
  • Autor B.M. Bower 
  • Wydawnictwo 
  • Ilość stron 216 
  • Tematyka kryminał, sensacja, przygoda 


This is a solid, basic cowboy story from B. M. Bower, an early work of hers on the kanon ranching setting she writes many more times. This is one of her stories. This follows the life of a boy from very early youth until he finds his own way and establishes his name. Through hazards, difficulties and dangers, Bob sets out to discover life for himself. With awfully wild terrain and red-Indians around him, he has to find his way. More than the threats posed by nature are those that are created aby other humans. A tale of swashbuckling adventures! B.M Bower had a gift for writing Westerns, weaving tales of adventure, intrigue, mystery, and romance – often with surprise endings.

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