Dave Dashaway, Air Champion. Darmowy odbiór w niemal 100 księgarniach!

Cechy produktu

  • ISBN 9788381622615 
  • Autor Roy Rockwood 
  • Wydawnictwo 
  • Ilość stron 129 
  • Tematyka kryminał, sensacja, przygoda 


Never was there a more clever young aviator than Dave Dashaway, and all up-to-date youths will be will surely wish to hear about about him. In this, the last volume of the Dave Dashaway adventure series, Dave, with the assistance of his loyal chum Hiram Dobbs, makes several daring trips, and then enters a contest for a big prize. They are preparing for a new aerial contest, but competition is fierce, and dirty! An old enemy lurks in the shadows, sending spies and saboteurs. An aviation tale thrilling in the extreme. Add some new friends and a diamond thief into the mix, and you’re in for another exciting Dave Dashaway adventure! Written by Weldon J. Cobb under the Stratemeyer Syndicate pseudonym „Roy Rockwood.” A highly entertaining literature being written for young readers.

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