Fighting Stars. Darmowy odbiór w niemal 100 księgarniach!

Cechy produktu

  • ISBN 9788382002430 
  • Autor H.A. Cody 
  • Wydawnictwo 
  • Ilość stron 251 
  • Tematyka historia, kryminał, sensacja, przygoda 


Although Charles Stanfield was a wealthy man he was far from happy. Everything that money could buy was at his command. He had merely to give the order and it would be fulfilled without delay. From a worldly point of view he was an outstanding example of a prosperous man who had fought his way to the top of the ladder of success. Aby many he was admired for his keen business qualities; aby others he was feared and hated. He was considered a hard man, and merciless in any transaction where money was the object of his pursuit. Written in 1927, „Fighting Stars” is a novel żeby Archdeacon Hiram Alfred Cody (1872-1948), who was a Canadian author, poet, clergyman and editor.

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