Slimming with the elements of physiology and biochemistry

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  • ISBN 9788378596387 
  • Autor Aleksander Nowak 
  • Wydawnictwo E-bookowo 
  • Ilość stron 56 
  • Rok wydania 2016 


Aleksander Nowak – biotechnologist and hygiene-physiology expert. In his guidebook he will show how to get slim and not to get sick at the same time. Żeby simple means Aleksander will teach you about the physiological and biochemical aspects of losing weight. Once having read the book, you will know how our organism gets energy from the food, how to compose our diet according to the needs and condition of our body as well as how to practice physical activity sensibly. Moreover, you will also know, dear Reader, where the muscle stiffness comes from and how to exercise in order to achieve measurable slimming effects and a better frame of mind. In this short guidebook, you will certainly find precious tips as for the natural ingredients which should become a part of your daily diet to help you get slim and healthy since slimming should be reasonable, pleasant and… cheap!

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