Tales of the West. Darmowy odbiór w niemal 100 księgarniach!

Cechy produktu

  • ISBN 9788381487870 
  • Autor Robert E. Howard 
  • Wydawnictwo 
  • Ilość stron 229 
  • Tematyka horrory i thrillery 


Five incredible stories of the wild west, from the supremely creative mind of Robert E. Howard: „"Golden Hope” Christmas”, „Riders of the Sunset”, „Boot-Hill Payoff”, „Vultures’ Sanctuary”, „The Vultures of Wahpeton”. The serious, hardcore western stories in this collection fit the writing style of Howard like a glove. Like his horror stories, historical fiction, straight adventure like El Borak does. The stories collected here show a West stripped down to essentials, where internalized codes of personal honor, loyalty, and courage matter more than laws, progress, or civilization. These stories also follow Howard’s kierunek towards writing more western and historical stories and fewer sword and sorcery stories as time went on. Highly recommended for long-time fans and first-time readers alike!

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