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The Kenko Smart Filter Kit is a advantage set of three commonly used filters and consists of a protection filter, circular polarizing filter and ND8 neutral density filter. The filters are so-called smart-filters with an extra thin aluminum filter ring and can also be used in wide angle lenses.

The Kenko Smart Filter Kit is suitable for lenses with filter size of 52 mm. Protection filter The protection filter prevents your lens to get dirty or damaged. This filter is equipped with a multiple coating and use of a protection filter does not affect the color or image quality.

Circular polarizing filter A circular polarizing filter reduces unwanted reflections and increases the contrast of air and clouds. A polarizing filter increases the color saturation too, making green greener and bright colors jump out more.

ND8 grey filter The ND8 neutral density filter reduces the amount of light that passes through the lens żeby a factor of 8. The effect of this is that the shutter speed is delayed, causing certain creative effects can be achieved.

In conditions you can use a larger aperture without overexposure occurs. Features of the Kenko Smart Filter Kit 52mm * Set of three commonly used filters * Thin aluminum filter ring prevents vignetting * Filter size 52mm

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