Manfrotto MFXFH49 49 mm - produkt w magazynie - szybka wysyłka!

Cechy produktu

  • Producent Manfrotto 
  • Średnica 49 mm


The Manfrotto Xume MFXFH49 Filter Holder 49mm is part of the Manfrotto Xume quick release system. With Manfrotto Xume quick release adapters, filters can be mounted directly on any lens, in any direction.

This design system is the fastest and easiest solution for photo and video filter users. There's no need to align, there are no moving parts and it's completely safe for your equipment. The Manfrotto Xume system consists of 2 main components: the filter holder and the lens adapter.

Attach them to the filter and lens respectively, and thanks to the magnetic connection, they are attached directly so that you no longer need to screw. The Manfrotto Xume filter holder has a beautiful finish of high quality.

Once attached to a filter of the same size, it is part of your equipment. Xume system The Xume system consists of two parts: a filter holder and a lens adapter. This means that you can use the filter holder only when also using the 49mm lens adapter (not included).

The lens adapter must be attached to the lens and the filter holder to the filter. Then, both components are connected to each other thanks to a magnetic connection. This makes it unnecessary to screw and unscrew the filter.

The filter holder works with any circular filter, including various Manfrotto filters. Features of the Manfrotto Xume MFXFH49 Filter Holder 49mm * Mount and replace photo filters directly in any direction * Nothing needs to be aligned, there are no moving parts and it's safe for your equipment * Ideal for any circular filter, NDs, polarization, UV, protection * Beautiful finish that seamlessly fits your equipment * Manfrotto Xume lens adapter 49mm is required In the Box * Manfrotto Xume MFXFH49 Filter Holder 49mm * Storage Box

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