ASUS XONAR U3 2.0channels USB

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Turn your NB into a personal Hi-Fi center with Xonar U3 Get a BIG UPGRADE from USB audio with Xonar U3’s crisp and clear sound for music, movie, gaming and VOIP enjoyment! Headphone Amplifier Superb headphones listening experiences High-performance headphone amplifier with adjustable gain levels driving your headphones/ headsets to it’s full-performance stage. Dolby Home Theater The best surround sound experiences The Xonar U3 is a pocket-sized, portable USB audio card with complete support for a wide variety of Dolby Technologies for your Hi-Fi enjoyments. GX2.5 For realistic 3D audio effects Enjoy up to 128 different sound effects played simultaneously for a realistic 3D experience! Hi-Fi class audio Clean, clear and pure Xonar exclusive hyper-grounding technology, which works like a watershed to separate audio signals from noise to provide clean and clear sound. Removable Cover Attached to the main body which eliminates the possibility of losing the cover. A handy split ring Attaches to your key-ring or lanyard for maximum portability. Blue LED Light A blue light indicator illuminates when the Xonar U3 is active! Convenient USB extension cable Because of space, convenience or décor, sometimes you need a longer USB 2.0 cable. S/PDIF TOSLINK optical adapter Ready for you to enjoy digital output right out of the box!

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