Konsola Sony PlayStation Vita

Cechy produktu

  • Producent Sony 
  • Wysokość 83 
  • Szerokość 190 
  • Głębokość 182 
  • Platforma Sony Playstation Vita 
  • Pamięć wbudowana 12 GB
  • Typ napędu UMD 
  • Zasilanie akumulatorowe, sieciowe, akumulatorowe 


The game never stops. Now you can play any time, anywhere with an infinite choice of ways to locate, connect, discover, share and game. You can also play with real-time scores, game rankings, news feeds, competitive multiplayer game sessions and cross-game text messaging, on the move. Uncompromised portable gaming is here. Enjoy a fully immersive experience with intuitive dual analog sticks that give you the ultimate in gaming control. Touch, tilt and steer your way through adventures, plus enjoy endless ways to manipulate your environment, interact with characters and utilise in-game tools. Now the fun never has to stop. Start playing a game on your PlayStation 3 system, pause it, then pick it up on PS Vita right where you left off with cross-platform play. You can even join in multiplayer games on your PS Vita and play against players on their PS3 systems. Enjoy a revolutionary new way to control actions and complete challenges with a touch of your finger on the stunning 5" OLED screen. A whole new dimension in gameplay. Now enjoy greater hand control and interact with games with revolutionary three-dimensional motions that enable you to grab, trace, squeeze, push and pull too. Imagine the possibilities... Blur the line between gaming and real life with amazing augmented reality experiences. Using the front and rear cameras, you can transpose your surroundings, and even yourself, into the game you're playing, creating a whole new world every time you play. Games, action and experiences are brought to life with levels of stunning colour and definition never-before-seen in portable gaming. Download brand new games, demos and loads of other great content whenever and wherever you are. You can also connect with friends and compete against them online. Best of all, there is no additional charge for signing up. The world is in play, so join in. Find, challenge, play and share with friends and players around the world żeby connecting with them online at no extra cost.Locate, connect and play with friends wherever you are. Location-based apps like 'near' and gifting features mean you can find people playing in your immediate vicinity and anchor items like weapons and power-ups in real-life locations so your friends can find them. Control characters and apps, direct actions and customise games using voice-activation with the built-in microphone. Connect your PS Vita to PlayStation 3 for even more great entertainment on the go. Combining the ultimate home entertainment gaming system with revolutionary PlayStation gaming on the go, cross-platform features bring you unique interactive experiences and whole new ways to play the games you love. TV busy? Then use your PS Vita to access compatible game and video content on your PS3 and keep the fun going. Enjoy incredible value for money - buy a game for your PS Vita or your PS3 and get the same title for free or at as discount on the other system. Unlock or create in-game items and share them between your PS Vita and PS3. The fun never needs to stop - begin your adventure at home on PS3 then continue on PS Vita wherever you go. Discover cool new ways to play your PS3 games by using the PS Vita system's unique features to control selected titles. Enjoy live head-to-head gaming as you race, fight or team up with other players on either PS Vita or PS3.


Filmy pochodzą z serwisu YouTube. Zostały stworzone przez różnych autorów z całego świata. Ich jakość jest dość zróżnicowana.

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