A History of Early Modern Southeast Asia, 1400-1830

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  • ISBN 9780521681933 
  • Autor Barbara Watson Andaya 


Written aby two expert and highly esteemed authors, this textbook is the first to examine the early modern period of Southeast Asian history in depth. Unlike other books on Southeast Asian history, this textbook explores the lesser-known societies of the sea, forests and uplands. Chapters explore political, social, economic, cultural and religious developments, and themes including circulation, exchange, material culture, environment and global connections. Students will learn how the diverse societies of Southeast Asia adjusted in response to global forces and how they evolved in relation to their local environments in this period of far-reaching economic, political and cultural change. The authoritative yet accessible narrative features maps, illustrations and timelines to support student learning. A major contribution to the field, this text is essential reading for students and specialists in Asian studies and early modern world history.

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