Advanced Concepts of Wave Processes in Solids

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  • ISBN 9781632400185 


An elucidative account on the advanced concepts of wave process in solids has been provided in this profound book. Wave propagation in solids has been extensively analyzed and major developments in this field have been accomplished not only for the enhancement of calculus methodologies, but also for the significant progresses achieved in the elucidation of novel types of materials. This book provides the readers with innovative and existing research studies elucidating developments in both the domains. It provides information regarding propagation of waves in complex materials and in-depth investigations on associated dispersion relations. It also highlights novel applications regarding the analysis of wave processes in conventional solids and lays emphasis on different simulation availabilities in the areas of geomaterials, seismology, damaging, and multi-wave propagation. The book will serve as a valuable resource for engineers, students and veteran scientists who are well-versed about various aspects of wave propagation in solids.

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