Does the Weather Really Matter?

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  • ISBN 9780521017442 


• What has been the real impact of past weather extremes (e.g. Cold winters, droughts, floods, heatwaves and hurricanes) on historic events? • Is the frequency and impact of weather extremes changing? • Can we predict how the climate will behave in the future and what will be the consequences of these changes? • Are greater, less predictable changes just around the corner? Bill Burroughs seeks to answer these questions aby providing a balanced and accessible analysis of the current debate on climatic change. Combining a historical perspective, economic and political analysis, together with meteorological and climatological explanations of the impact of extreme weather events on all aspects of society, it provides a basis for interpreting what is known about climatic change and the ability to forecast future changes and their economic and political consequences. The book also includes extensive discussions on El Ni

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