Dream of Dragons

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  • ISBN 9781593730895 


This is a powerful and moving tale of life written in the tradition of the classic Norse sagas. The Viking Age began over a thousand years ago when the ancient Norse perfected their ocean-going dragon-headed long ships. Young men, and later whole families, left Norway's rugged fjords in search of open land, trade, treasure, and more. Many others took to the unknown seas simply because something vague and irresistible beckoned them. They settled islands all across the North Atlantic and landed in North America over four hundred years before Columbus - their exploits for ever remembered in the ancient Norse sagas. "A Dream of Dragons" is a beautifully illustrated modern Norse saga written with all the power of Melville and Hemingway and a true story now retold in the ageless rhythms of blank verse as irresistible as they are beautiful.

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