Interpreting American Military History at Museums and Historic Sites

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  • ISBN 9781442239746 


The work of presenting narratives of military history that reach beyond and challenge familiar public conceptions of the field is an immense task. Interpreting American Military History at Museums and Historic Sites helps interpreters achieve that goal by describing methods and information helpful to institutions charged with the care of collections and interpretation of stories that relate to military history, or places whose mission is to preserve and interpret some aspect of our military's past. The book acts as a primer for those unfamiliar with academic trends of the last forty years. Historiography of American military history, like that of other sub-fields, shifts as new information surfaces or as perspectives change. Secondly, it uses case studies to showcase how museums and historic sites can take this information and create programs, interpretive media, outreach strategies, and mission goals that are relevant to the public and the institution charged with serving them.

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