Kingship and Favoritism in the Spain of Philip III, 1598-1621

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  • ISBN 9780521025324 


The enthronement of Philip III of Spain (Philip II's son and heir) in 1598 also meant the rise to power of the duke of Lerma, the first of a series of European favourites/prime ministers who influenced greatly politics, government, court culture and the arts during the seventeenth century. This 2000 book analyses the contexts that explain the rise of Lerma, as well as discourses on kingship and favouritism, and governmental and institutional initiatives taken during Philip III's reign (1598–1621) - a key historical period for our understanding of early modern Spain. Although this book focuses on the reign of Philip III, it also addresses broader historiographical matters. How was power exercised in personal monarchies? What discourses were used to justify royal power? How was kingship publicly represented? How was favouritism conceptualized and legitimized? Was the effect of the rise of the favourite/prime minister upon the constitution of personal monarchies and on the political and ideological struggles?

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