Life in a Pinball Machine

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  • ISBN 9781937862350 


I think my first awareness that I was marginal and having difficulty paying attention and following the "rules" of order happened in the second grade. I was always bouncing about, curious as to what everyone else was doing. One day I was pulled out of the class aby the school counselor who asked me why it was that every time I was called upon aby the teacher, I would turn around in my desk and reply, "Who me?" All the good intentions of those faithful teachers were for naught-my eyes generally glancing to the outside to see what was going on out there and not to what was being written on the chalkboard. Even my religious instructors throughout my life have had grave concerns-in a manner of speaking. I've been bouncing around ever since, never really choosing a path, but simply reacting to every experience that has been placed in my way.

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