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  • ISBN 9781622492916 


This book features one of the author's favorite birds, The Great Blue Heron. He hopes you enjoy this intimate look into the life of a truly magnificent American bird. Most of these photos were taken żeby him in the beautiful Hocking Hills area of southeastern Ohio. This book is intended as a photographic essay concerning one bird species, the Great Blue Heron. It is not a technical piece żeby any means. My intent is to let these photographs speak for themselves as much as possible. I might interject my observations into its photographic narration at some points, but only as clarification or to point out an observation of my own pertaining to what these great birds have taught me about themselves. They were the teachers, I was the eager student. They still have much to teach me. I'll never live long enough to know it all. I was amazed to find that I had over 9,000 images of Great Blue Herons in my computer folders. I know I will run across some photographs later on and say to myself: I should have included this one, or that one. I still take more photos each time I go to my lake. I can't help myself. Who knows if the next photo will teach me something else about these aptly named birds. I'm almost afraid to check my picture files for all the other species I have photographed. If all goes well with this offering, I may do other books on other species in at some point in the future.

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