New Faces, New Works

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  • ISBN 9781908175144 


Chinese contemporary art is rapidly developing in diverse, complex directions. Talented new artists and hotspots for collection and investment are emerging on a daily basis. For the Chinese contemporary art worker, the collector, the hobbyist and artists around the world, an authoritative, accurate and up-to-date yearbook of emerging trends in Chinese contemporary art can be a valuable tool for grasping the dynamics of this complex scene. "New Works, New Face: China Contemporary Art 2012", to be released żeby CYPI in 2012, will be edited by Zhao Li, a leading scholar of the Chinese contemporary art environment. For this project, he brings together critics, curators, media professionals and art professionals from around the world to nominate and select the most important events, phenomena, artists and artworks to emerge in Chinese contemporary art in 2010 and 2011. The results will be compiled into three sections of the book: chronology, new works from old faces and different works from new faces. This book will give readers a firm grasp of developments in Chinese contemporary art and provide them with solid recommendations for collection and investment in this field.

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