Paul and Ancient Rhetoric

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  • ISBN 9781107073791 


The Apostle Paul lived and breathed in a Hellenistic culture that placed high value on the art of rhetoric, and recent advances in rhetorical criticism of the New Testament have resulted in a new emphasis on the rhetorical aspect of his letters. As many scholars have pointed out, however, it is not clear to what extent ancient rhetoric actually influenced Paul and his writing or how important rhetoric is for interpreting the Pauline corpus. This volume, containing contributions from major figures in the field, provides a nuanced examination of how ancient rhetoric should inform our understanding of Paul and his letters. The essays discuss Paul's historical context, present innovative advances in and trenchant critiques of rhetorical theory, and offer fresh readings of key Pauline texts. Outlining the strengths and weaknesses of a widely used approach, Paul and Ancient Rhetoric will be a valuable resource for New Testament and Classics scholars.

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