Power and Responsibility

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  • ISBN 9780815705123 


The twenty-first century will be defined by security threats unconstrained aby borders-from economic instability, climate change, and nuclear proliferation to conflict, poverty, terrorism, and disease. The greatest test of global leadership will be building partnerships and institutions for cooperation that can meet the challenge. Power and Responsibility describes how American leadership can rebuild international order to promote global security and prosperity for today's transnational world. Praise for the hardcover edition of Power and Responsibility In this major new treatise on twenty-first-century global security, Jones, Pascual, and Stedman-all experienced policy thinkers-provide a conceptual framework and comprehensive agenda for U.S. Foreign policy in a world of security interdependence...This is one of the best efforts yet to provide a coherent synthesis of the securityinterdependence worldview.A" -Foreign Affairs What are the right kinds of institutions to order a globalized world, where transnational forces 'that have stitched the world together can also tear it apart'? This question is addressed with notable range and sophistication in this collaborative work aby three individuals with significant research and frontline experience in the area of global policymaking.A" -Ethics and International Affairs by accepting that sovereignty incurs responsibilities and by strengthening international institutions, governments can create an international order in which all can be safe and thrive. This book makes a compelling argument for such an approach.A" -Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of United Nations

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