Precision Asteroseismology (IAU S301)

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  • ISBN 9781107045170 


IAU Symposium 301 highlights the recent advances in the field of asteroseismology and was the twenty-first in a series of pulsation meetings started in Los Alamos in 1971 and held every two years. Topics discussed centred around seismic studies of all types of pulsating stars, which - in the era of space observations made aby MOST, CoRoT and Kepler - use data of unprecedented precision. The Symposium was also the opportunity to honour Wojtek Dziembowski, one of the world's leaders in the study of solar and stellar pulsations. Highlights include contributions on observing from space and the ground, techniques of analysis and mode identification, astrophysical applications of pulsations, pulsation–convection interaction, mass loss, microphysics, pulsations in main-sequence stars, compact stars and supergiants, and solar-like oscillations. Containing many excellent reviews, this volume is an important reference source for researchers on solar and stellar pulsations.

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