Remarkable Sneakers

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  • ISBN 9781908175342 


This volume brings together a stunning collection of contemporary sculpture and installation art made for the world at large. The featured artists have reached new heights of creativity and ingenuity, resulting in pieces that are exemplary expressions of culture and place. These projects seek not only to represent the societies around them, but also to engage them through interactive features and designs that are made to be climbed, walked through, sat on and programmed. "Public Art" is an essential resource for all those interested in art created for the community. Highlights include LAVA's Digital Origami Emergency Shelter, the Eden Project's biomes, which form the largest plant enclosure in the world, Aether & Hemera's Voyage, a display of three hundred paper boats with interactive LED lights, and Tonkin Lui's symbol of hope for renewable energy, Future Flower, which uses small wind turbines to power its lights.

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