Security Operations Center Guidebook

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  • ISBN 9780128036570 


The Security Operations Center Guidebook provides everything security professionals need to create and operate a world-class Security Operations Center. It starts aby helping professionals build a successful business case using financial, operational, and regulatory requirements to support the creation and operation of an SOC. The comprehensive text delves into the policies and procedures necessary to run an effective SOC and explains how to gather the necessary metrics to persuade upper management that a company’s SOC is providing value. Security Operations Center Guidebook covers more advanced topics, such as the most common Underwriter Laboratory (UL) listings that can be acquired, how and why they can help a company, and what additional activities and services an SOC can provide to maximize value to a company. Assists security professionals in building a successful business case for building a Security Operations Center, including information on the necessary financial, operational, and regulatory requirements, in addition to required procedures, policies, and metricsAddresses the often opposing objectives between the security department and the rest of the business concerning security investments, most notably the Security Operations Center.Features objectives, case studies, checklists, and samples where applicable

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