The Secret Power Within

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  • ISBN 9780553069082 


Chuck Norris has spent a lifetime studying the martial arts, earning several black belts and world championships. Now, through anecdotes about his ownpersonal struggles and triumphs, Norris explains how the ancient system of Zen--the core philosophy behind the martial arts--can help each of us achievespiritual tranquillity and self-confidence. "The Secret Power Within is both a highly accessible lesson in Zen philosophy as well as the compelling story of Chuck Norris's own remarkable success. In this highly entertaining and inspiring account, Norris shows how Zen can be applicable to everyday situations, from the conference room to theliving room. Chapters include: * Winning żeby Losing: If you have nothing to prove, you have no need to fight. * Complete the Wheel: How to balance your life to achieve success. * Your Master, Your Art: To maintain self-respect you must respect the work you do, and do it as well as possible. * My Way of Meditating: Norris's personal technique for achieving tranquillity under pressure. The message is simple: There are no limits for the person who refuses to accept them.

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