Unknown Kid

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  • ISBN 9781846930713 


The Unknown Kid It is the year 2068 and the world is in chaos. The mafia's and groups of crime joined together and broke into the prisons all over the world. They had decided that they were ready to take over. Unfortunately for them, they were not very good at working together. They managed to break out the prisons, but they fell apart with disagreements before they could take down the major governments. After the world wide break-out, security was tightened and it was almost impossible to go anywhere with a governmental or political look to it. Politicians practically lived in the buildings they worked in because it was too dangerous for them to go outside. Crime was everywhere; gangs would roam the streets at night looking for innocent victims. The police could do nothing about it since they were stretched to their limit just trying to protect the politicians themselves, schools, and any buildings that were venerable or desperately needed protecting. The army were doing major jobs such as stopping major criminals and figureheads entering the country and illegal immigrants with ideas of helping out with the "bad guys". No one was safe. About the Author Michael Pomeroy is 14 years old and was born and raised in Reading, Berkshire, where he currently resides. His interest in writing began when as a very young boy he turned his everyday life into more exciting stories. Michael had always wanted to become a spy, and was heavily influenced aby the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz and the James Bond series. When he realised becoming a spy was inappropriate as a full-time job, he wrote short stories about himself being a spy, and slowly compiled and turned them into a story. The Unknown Kid is the first of four books that Michael hopes to write about Mick Denning.

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