Charlie Chaplin - Film Music Anthology


1.1. (city Lights) Original Opening Music / Cast Credits 1.2. (city Lights) Afternoon 1.3. (city Lights) Nightclub 1.4. (city Lights) Fight Club 1.5. (city Lights) Charlie Looks Through Shop Window At Girl 1.6. (city Lights) Girl Holds Charlie'S Hand 1.7. (modern Times) Opening / Sheep 1.8. (modern Times) Factory Scene 1.9. (modern Times) Lunch Time / Charlie In The Machine 1.10. (modern Times) Starting Life Anew / Leading A Strike 1.11. (modern Times) The Gamine 1.12. (modern Times) The Department Store 1.13. (modern Times) It'S Paradise (the Shack) 1.14. (modern Times) Waiting On Tables 1.15. (modern Times) Nonsense Song (titine) Sung by Charles Ch 1.16. (modern Times) Dawn / Buck Up - Never Say Die / Smile 1.17. (the Great Dictator) Main Title 1.18. (the Great Dictator) Globe Dance (vorspiel Lohengrin) 1.19. (the Great Dictator) Barber Shop Scene (hungarian Dance 1.20. (the Gold Rush) Overture / Chilkoot Pass 1.21. (the Gold Rush) Valse Mange (charlie Eats His Shoe) 1.22. (the Gold Rush) Love Theme / Valse Elegante / Valse Char 1.23. (the Gold Rush) Mother'S Dance (bread Roll Dance) 1.24. (monsieur Verdoux) Main Title 1.25. (monsieur Verdoux) Tango Bitterness 1.26. (monsieur Verdoux) Finale 1.27. (limelight) The Harlequinade Ballet / Terry'S Theme (ete 1.28. (limelight) Terry'S Solo / Terry'S Theme (eternally) / P 1.29. (limelight) Terry'S Success (child'S Theme) 1.30. (limelight) Animal Trainer Sung aby Charles Chaplin 1.31. (limelight) Spring Song Sung aby Charles Chaplin 1.32. (limelight) Sardine Song Sung aby Charles Chaplin 1.33. Final Speech From The Great Dictator 1.34. Speech From Monsieur Verdoux 2.1. (a King In New York) Mandolin Serenade 2.2. (a King In New York) Weeping Willows 2.3. (a King In New York) A Million Dollars 2.4. (a King In New York) Juke Box Sung żeby Shani Wallis 2.5. (a King In New York) Now That It'S Ended Sung żeby Joy Nic 2.6. (a King In New York) The Spring Song (spring'S The Time 2.7. (a Dog'S Life) Theme 2.8. (a Dog'S Life) Coffee And Cakes 2.9. (a Dog'S Life) Rag 2.10. (shoulder Arms) Main Titles 2.11. (shoulder Arms) Sauerkraut March / Shell Happy / Changin 2.12. (shoulder Arms) The Post 2.13. (shoulder Arms) D. Minor Waltz 2.14. (the Pilgrim) Bound For Texas (texas Vocal) Sung aby Matt 2.15. (the Pilgrim) Jitters 2.16. (the Pilgrim) Texas Border 2.17. (the Circus) Swing High Little Girl Sung aby Charles Chap 2.18. (the Circus) Befriending Merna 2.19. (the Circus) Tight Rope Waltz 2.20. (the Circus) The Circus Leaves Town 2.21. The Kid 2.22. (the Kid) His Morning Promenade 2.23. (the Kid) The Country Doctor / Rooftop Chase 2.24. (the Kid) Night / $1000 Reward / Dawn 2.25. (the Idle Class) Golf Links Waltz 2.26. (the Idle Class) Charlie'S Daydream (optimism) 2.27. (the Idle Class) South American 2.28. (the Idle Class) Fox-Trot 2.29. (pay Day) Sweet Adeline Waltz 2.30. (a Day'S Pleasure) Boat Ride 2.31. (a Day'S Pleasure) Jazz 2.32. (sunnyside) Forgotten 2.33. A Woman Of Paris

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