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Beurer BG 51

w kategorii Wagi łazienkowe

Producent Beurer Rodzaj elektroniczna Maksymalna waga 200 kg Kalibracja automatyczna

… Producent zbudował model BG 51 w oparciu o duży i wyraźny wyświetlacz ciekłokrystaliczny, który pokaże nam wszelkie wskazania urządzenia. To istotne w przypadku urządzenia, z którego korzystamy kilka razy w tygodniu, głównie rano przed wyjściem do pracy czy szkoły. Pozwala nam to na zaoszczędzenie cennych minut każdego dnia. Specyfikacja technicznaPrezentowany model to elektroniczna … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Beurer BG 64

w kategorii Wagi łazienkowe

Producent Beurer Rodzaj elektroniczna Maksymalna waga 150 kg Kalibracja automatyczna

… wyświetlacz ciekłokrystaliczny, dzięki czemu możemy szybko i łatwo co rano sprawdzać stan wagi swojego ciała. Dobry wyświetlacz to nie tylko kwestia wygody, ale i zaoszczędzenia czasu, głównie rano, gdy spieszymy się do pracy czy szkoły. Specyfikacja technicznaBeurer BG 64 to domowa, elektroniczna waga łazienkowa o dużej dokładności. Wygląd wagi może się podobać, jest prosta … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Diagnostic Pathology: Thoracic [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Psychologia

ISBN 9781931884495 Autor Saul Suster, Cesar A. Moran Rok wydania 2011 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Ilość stron 800

… anticipated volume in the Diagnostic Pathology series offered by Amirsys. As readers have come to expect from Amirsys reference tools, Diagnostic Pathology:: Thoracic is filled with nearly 3,000 superior medical images, including gross pathology, a wide range of pathology stains, and detailed medical illustrations. Youll also find classifications of lesion and tumor types and related disorders, one … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Psychologia

ISBN 9781455744619 Autor David J Dabbs Rok wydania 2013 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Saunders Ilość stron 960

… coverage that makes key information easy to find and apply. This concise and complete resource is today's indispensable guide to the effective use of immunohistochemical diagnosis.Dabbs: Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry, 4/e 1. Techniques of Immunohistochemistry: Principles, Pitfalls and Standardization 2. Molecular Anatomic Pathology: Principles, Technique and Application to Immunohistologic Diagnosis … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Psychologia

ISBN 9781437701500 Autor J. Kevin Kealy, Hester McAllister, John P. Graham Rok wydania 2010 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Saunders Ilość stron 592

… Kevin Kealy, Hester McAllister, and John P. Graham, this concise guide covers the principles of diagnostic radiology and ultransonography and includes clear, complete instruction in image interpretation. It illustrates the normal anatomy of body systems, and then uses numbered points to describe radiologic signs of abnormalities. It also includes descriptions of the ultrasonographic appearance of … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Diagnostic DM-600IHB

w kategorii Ciśnieniomierze

Producent Diagnostic Miejsce pomiaru ramię Automatyczne pompowanie tak Funkcja czasu i daty nie Pomiar pulsu tak Sposób pomiaru oscylometryczny

… docenią także osoby starsze oraz cierpiące z powodu niedowidzenia. Za sprawą funkcji automatycznego pompowania szybko i pewnie przygotujemy aparat do pracy. Bez obaw o to, że rękaw będzie źle wypełniony powietrzem itd. Użytkowanie i poradyAby dokonywać dokładnych pomiarów warto zapoznać się z treścią ulotki, która określa wszelkie niezbędne parametry niezbędne do dokonania dokładnego … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Atlas of Diagnostic Oncology [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Psychologia

ISBN 9780323059053 Autor Arthur T. Skarin Rok wydania 2010 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Mosby Ilość stron 654

… clinically focused text - this title equips you with essential information on pathology, diagnostic studies, staging, and clinical manifestations. New discussions on modern diagnostic PET imaging of cancer, and expanded coverage on the side effects of chemotherapy, bring you up to date on the issues impacting research and treatment. Expert Consult functionality - new to this edition - further enhances … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Molecular Diagnostics [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Książki popularnonaukowe

ISBN 9780123694287 Autor W. Grody Rok wydania 2009 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Academic Press Ilość stron 736

… detection and staging is rapidly expanding, many physicians lack the knowledge required to determine which tests to order and how to interpret results. This handbook provides a complete guide to the use and interpretation of molecular testing in the clinical arena. No other available resource offers this emphasis, comprehensive scope, and practical utility in the clinical setting. It serves as the … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Proteomics in Diagnostics [opr. miękka]

w kategorii Zdrowie, medycyna, uroda

ISBN 9781586034344 Autor Veenstra Rok wydania 2004 Oprawa miękka Wydawnictwo IOS Press Ilość stron 83

… effectively without overwhelming the medical system with false positive diagnoses. What is required is the identification of more effective or additional biomarkers, as well as other types of technologies, that can aid in the diagnosis of early stage diseases. The challenge is how to identify more effective biomarkers or technologies that can provide an earlier indication of a disease with a higher … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Treasury Diagnostic Toolkit [opr. miękka]

w kategorii Biznes, ekonomia

ISBN 9780821356630 Autor Ali Hashim Rok wydania 2003 Oprawa miękka Wydawnictwo World Bank Ilość stron 92

… assistance to member countries. A key element of such assistance is the development of effective treasury systems, which form the backbone for recording and processing all financial transactions related to government budgets. The establishment of an effective, integrated treasury system helps manage public monies with greater financial control, improved monitoring, better planning, better fiscal reporting, … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Diagnostic Imaging: Oncology [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Psychologia

ISBN 9781931884839 Rok wydania 2010 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Ilość stron 815

… images, illustrations, and graphics. Written and edited by renowned experts in radiology, oncology, and body imaging, "Diagnostic Imaging: Oncology" sets a new standard in cancer imaging references. Chapters include the newest and complete staging tables approved by the American Joint Committee on Cancer, lavish full-color graphics for each cancer stage, concise and informative bulleted text, … SZCZEGÓŁY →

Portable Diagnostic Tests [opr. miękka]

w kategorii Psychologia

ISBN 9781582556758 Autor Springhouse Rok wydania 2007 Oprawa miękka Wydawnictwo Springhouse Corporate Ilość stron 608

… nurses need most in their daily practice. Each book presents practical, need-to-know information in an easy-to-use, concise format--an invaluable feature for today's time-starved nurses. Bullets, lists, charts, diagrams, and illustrations allow for quick retrieval and understanding. Synthesizing related, essential clinical information on need-to-know nursing topics, the books in the Portable series … SZCZEGÓŁY →

Diagnostic Imaging of Musculoskeletal Diseases [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Zdrowie, medycyna, uroda

ISBN 9781588299475 Autor Bonakdarpour A., Khurana J. Rok wydania 2009 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Springer Verlag Ilość stron 677

… diseases, dysplastic diseases and arthritis. Additional chapters examine basic interventional techniques that apply to musculoskeletal imaging and in recognition of the importance of orthopedic procedures, information is included on the use, imaging, appearance, and pathology affecting prostheses and fixation devices. Diagnostic Imaging of Musculoskeletal Diseases: A Systematic Approach is an exceptionally … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Handbook of Research on Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Zdrowie, medycyna, uroda

ISBN 9781605663142 Autor Exarchos T. Rok wydania 2009 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Idea Group Publishing Ilość stron 598

… by over 90 of the world's leading experts on diagnostic imaging and biomedical applications from 9 countries; comprehensive coverage of each specific topic, highlighting recent trends and describing the latest advances in the field; and, more than 1,200 references to existing literature and research on diagnostic imaging and biomedical applications. A compendium of over 200 key terms with detailed … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Diagnostic Atlas of Tumours of the Upper Aero-Digestive Trac [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Zdrowie, medycyna, uroda

ISBN 9780415466301 Autor Montgomery C Rok wydania 2008 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Routledge Ilość stron 128

… Oncologists Otolaryngologists Gastroenterologists Respiratory and ENT physicians Maxillo-facial, thoracic, and upper gastrointestinal surgeons Medical students Nurses Surgical and medical trainees Consultants.Spis treści:AN OVERVIEW An introduction to Transnasal Laryngoesophagoscopy, Tim Price The technique: General and Biopsy of Lesions, Tim Price and Tim Bradnam The Patient's Experience, Alok … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Early, Rapid and Sensitive Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Zdrowie, medycyna, uroda

ISBN 9789048131310 Autor Lax Alistair J. Rok wydania 2009 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Springer Verlag Ilość stron 324

… Rapid and Sensitive Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics-Real Time PCR Applications ... is a real-time PCR 'toolbox' that constitutes an excellent source for users interested in learning about the practical aspects of this technology and its most relevant applications to the detection of animal disease pathogens. Its well-balanced mixture of brief theoretical treatments and extensive protocol … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Diagnostic Histopathology of Tumors [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Nauka języka

ISBN 9781437715347 Autor Christopher D. M. Fletcher Rok wydania 2013 Oprawa twarda Ilość stron 2296 Wydawnictwo W.B. Saunders Company

… and clear text with abundant color images that spans the entire range of human tumors that was set by the previous 2 editions... Few of us are as articulate as Dr. Fletcher in describing how these ancillary studies really are complementary to traditional morphology rather than replacements for it. As our field changes and evolves, our future role will in part depend on what information … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Bailey & Scott's Diagnostic Microbiology [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Psychologia

ISBN 9780323083300 Autor Patricia Tille Rok wydania 2013 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Mosby Ilość stron 1056

… edition of Bailey & Scott's Diagnostic Microbiology solidifies its reputation as the classic text in the field of microbiology. This new edition features the same comprehensive, authoritative content - and adds new and updated material throughout. The team of authors includes three well-respected clinical microbiologists, all of whom have experience both in the classroom and the clinical … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Grainger & Allison's Diagnostic Radiology Essentials [opr. twarda]

w kategorii Psychologia

ISBN 9780702034480 Autor Lee A Grant, Nyree Griffin Rok wydania 2013 Oprawa twarda Wydawnictwo Churchill Livingstone Ilość stron 976

… Diagnostic Radiology Essentials serves as a comprehensive review and reference for radiologists in training and in practice by providing practical solutions to diagnostic problems in the radiological recognition and interpretation of a wide range of disease entities. Organized by body region, its innovative, accessible outline format, bullet point style and numerous, high quality, multi-modality images … SZCZEGÓŁY →

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Mosby's Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests [opr. miękka]

w kategorii Psychologia

ISBN 9780323089494 Autor Kathleen Deska Pagana, Timothy J. Pagana Rok wydania 2013 Oprawa miękka Wydawnictwo Mosby Ilość stron 1200

… and patient care, and test results and clinical significance, as well as any applicable contraindications, potential complications, interfering factors, and related tests. ."a comprehensive reference that is easy to read and full of relevant information.this book offers a broader perspective, nicely packaged, with several unique features that make it an excellent choice for both students and healthcare … SZCZEGÓŁY →