Asus RT-N10U

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- Extended network coverage with 5dBi antenna. - Bandwidth allocation and access control with 4 SSIDs. - No more dead spots at home with repeater mode. - All-in-One printer server function for easy wireless printing. Aside from its elegant design, the RT-N10U Black Diamond Series router features an easy-to-use web-based Quick Internet Setup (QIS) wizard that ensures quick, hassle-free internet access. The unique EZ QoS (Quality of Service) allocates bandwidth according to each individual need while multiple SSID connections help to create three separate prioritized access networks for different roles. The USB port allows it to function as an all-in-one printer server. Extended Network Coverage The RT-N10U features a 5dBi high-gain antenna that boosts the wireless signal, thereby extending coverage range. 4-Network-in-1 (4 Multiple SSIDs) Provides up to four wireless networking grades with dynamic bandwidth management. For example, high bandwidth and full access for managers, mid-range settings and privacy controls for staff, and basic internet access for guests. This flexibility makes it the best choice for SOHO wireless networking. No More Dead Spots The universal repeater mode provides the easiest way to extend the Wi-Fi range of any standard of Wi-Fi router. Ez All-in-One Printer Server Application Share All-in-One printer functions wirelessly for multiple users simultaneously without buying another printer server.

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