Fractal Design Silent R3 (FD-FAN-SSR3-120-WT) Darmowy odbiór w 20 miastach!

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Fractal Design Silent Series R3 fans offer excellent value for money, with good performance and assured reliability. All Fractal Design Silent Series R3 fans are equipped with long-life rifle bearings and an easy-to-hide, sleek black cable. Available in a large variety of sizes, ranging from compact 40mm fans to full-size 140mm fans, the Silent Series R3 delivers suitable options for replacing loud or damaged fans in both computers and many other electronic devices. Where performance meets value. - Featuring rifle bearings, providing improved life expectancy and lower noise compared to a standard sleeve bearing - Black stealth ribbon cable, making it easy to hide the cable contributing to a clean build - Improved, more balanced, sturdy fan design delivering precision at a good price point - Low fan speeds, optimized for quiet operation - Featuring Fractal Design’s signature black and white color scheme - Offering sizes from 40mm up to 140mm for all your build needs

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