Genes & DNA

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  • ISBN 9780231130134 
  • Autor Omoto C. 
  • Ilość stron 224 
  • Rok wydania 2004 


Covering newsworthy aspects of contemporary biology -- gene therapy, the Human Genome Project, DNA testing, and genetic engineering -- as well as fundamental concepts, this book, written specifically for nonbiologists, discusses classical and molecular genetics, quantitative and population genetics -- including cloning and genetic diseases -- and the many applications of genetics to the world around us, from genetically modified foods to genetic testing.

With minimal technical terminology and jargon, Genes and DNA facilitates conceptual understanding. Eschewing the organization of traditional genetics texts, the authors have provided an organic progression of information: topics are introduced as needed, within a broader framework that makes them meaningful for nonbiologists.

The book encourages the reader to think independently, always stressing scientific background and current facts. The book covers much of the material in a high school textbook...but Omoto and Lurquin write in a way that makes things relevan to any interested adult.

I think this is an excellent book that will be of great value in any public library collection...also in university and college libraries. -- Margaret Henderson E-Stream Very useful introduction to genes and genetic applications...Recommended.

General readers. -- P. M. Watt Choice As a society we are asked to make informed decisions on complex issues such as stem cell research and the labeling of our food based on its level of genetic modification.

We have a lot of homework to do, and this book is a good start. -- Stephen Jones Washington State Magazine Summer 2005Spis treści:Preface: Why Is Genetics Important?1. What Are Genes?Try This at Home: Extract DNA from Vegetables in Your Kitchen2.

Inheritance of Single-Gene Traits3. Mendelian Traits in HumansTry This at Home: Pedigree Game4. From Genes to PhenotypeTry This at Home: DNA Replication, Transcription, and Translation Game5. Using Bacteria as Protein Factories6.

Genetically Modified Plants7. When Things Go Wrong8. Mutagens, Teratogens, and Human Reproduction9. Linkage and Mapping: Gene DiscoveryTry This at Home: Independent Assortment of Chromosomes and the Making of a Unique IndividualTry This at Home: Explore Genetics Databases10.

Genetics of Populations and Genetic Testing11. Survival of the Fittest?Try This at Home: Demonstrations of the Effects of Small Population Size12. Nature Versus Nurture13. Genetically Modified Animals and the Applications of Gene Technology for HumansAppendix A.

Internet ResourcesAppendix B. Glossary of Scientific Names of OrganismsAppendix C. Glossary of Human Genetic DiseasesAppendix D. Glossary of Terms

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