Rexel Auto+ 750X

Cechy produktu
  • Producent REXEL 
  • Pojemność kosza 115 l
  • Szerokość wejścia 230 mm
  • Funkcje cięcie zszywek, niszczenie kart plastikowych, cięcie płyt CD 
  • Rodzaj cięcia ścinki 
Spend 98% less time shredding, save time and money with Auto Feed shredders. This large office shredder - ideal for over 20 users - shreds up to 825 confidential sheets automatically in to approx. 400 4x40mm pieces each (P-4). With the Auto+ 750X shredder you do not need to stand and feed it, or even remove staples or paper clips first. It has an automatic feed and a 115 litre bin so you can load up to 825 A4 sheets and leave it to get on with the job.\n\nAward-Winning Technology\n\nStack, shut, done. Auto Feed means no more standing at the shredder. The Rexel Auto+ 750X shreds 750 sheets at the touch of a button, saving you over 15 minutes of your time versus traditional shredders.\n\nHigh Security\n\nShreds paper into cross-cut pieces for extra peace of mind (P-4 security level). Suitable for disposing of business documents containing proprietary information and/or sensitive personal information.\n\nSecure PIN Lock\n\nA secure 4-digit PIN lock means that you can leave the Rexel Auto+ 750X to shred your documents in complete peace of mind.\n\nOptional Manual Feed\n\nThe built-in manual feed slot can handle up to 12 sheets, making it perfect for quick jobs that don't require the Auto Feed feature.\n\nWheels for Ease of Movement\n\nThe handy casters allow for quick and easy transportation around the office between users if needed.\n\nCDs and Credit Cards\n\nThe Rexel Auto+ 750X can securely shred CDs and credit cards, meaning that you can use this shredder to look after all your data security requirements. CDs and credit cards are shredded into a separate bin, meaning that you can be certain that hard plastic pieces do not end up in your shredded paper bin.\n\nEasy-Empty Bin\n\nThe product features a large, easy to empty bin frame with a capacity of 115 litres - enough to hold up to 1200 sheets. Includes a viewing window so you can see when the bin's ready to be emptied.
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