Lazurowe Wybrzeże Bergverlag Rother Cote D'Azur (opr. miękka)

Cechy produktu
  • ISBN 9783763348176 
  • Oprawa miękka 
  • Autor Anker, Daniel 
  • Wydawnictwo BERGVERLAG ROTHER 
  • Ilość stron 160 
  • Rok wydania 2001 

Côte d‘Azur: hiking along Europe‘s, if not the world‘s most famous coastline. Touring a floral landscape comprising nothing but colours, scents and the ocean. Walking along dream-like bays, in the high land of Grasse, but also in the Lake Alps on up to 1500 m high mountain summits from where on the one side the Alps, on the other side the Mediterranean can be seen.

Daniel Anker, one of the most renowned alpine journalists in Switzerland, presents 44 selected day and multiple-day excursions between Meton and Marseille. The offer of tours leaves no wishes open and ranges from walks on the Îles de Lérins over beach hikes at St.Tropez to solid mountain tours in the Massiv de I‘Estérel or the Lake Alps.

The famous crossing of the Calanques and a long-distance tour in 15 stages from Menton to Marseille round off the tour suggestions. The author nearly always chooses paths away from the flows of tourism.

All proposed tours can be reached aby public transport, which was the author‘s exclusive means of transportation. He provides much useful advice on all tours, stating the bus and train lines as well as telephone numbers of the respective points of arrival.

All this information is supplemented aby details on accommodation (inc. Telephone numbers), many tips on sites and comments on possible tour combinations, complemented aby illustrated hiking maps; the coloured evaluation of the level of difficulty is an additional help for the reader to select the right tour.

The author not only offers precise route portrayals, but also conveys through his texts, underlined żeby his excellent colour photos, the love he feels for the azure blue coast. A love you are bound to discover for yourself when exploring the remote sides of this wonderful coast with the help of this guide.

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