Joby GorillaPod Action Kit

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The Joby GorillaPod Action Kit is designed for use with Android smartphones, iPhones and action cams like the GoPro. Thanks to the included Joby GripTight, you can lock your smartphone onto the GorillaPod 500 Action, for more possibilities when taking action shots, vlogging or filming. This lightweight and versatile camera tripod has thirty flexible joints that can bend and rotate, allowing an action cam or smartphone to be attached to sturdily to any surface using the tripod. The Action Kit is the ideal accessory for vloggers, film makers and adventurers who like to travel light. The kit weighs 124 grams and is 24 cm high. The load-bearing capacity is 500 grams. With the sturdy GripTight, smartphones 56 to 91 mm wide can be mounted securely onto the GorillaPod 500 Action. The rubber-lined adjustable claws provide grip in any circumstance. Because of the robust lock, it's not possible to accidentally loosen the GripTight. There's an accessory shoe on top of the GripTight for mounting a Lume Cube or a microphone for instance. Additionally, Joby includes the Impulse Bluetooth remote control, which can operate the Android smartphone or iPhone up to about 30 meters distance. Features of the Joby GorillaPod Action Kit * Lightweight and versatile camera tripod * For Android phones, iPhones and action cams * Weight: only 124 grams * Load-bearing capacity: 500 grams * Includes Joby GripTight * Includes Impulse Bluetooth remote control * GorillaPod 500 Action tripod * Joby GripTight * Impulse Bluetooth remote control In the box * Joby GorillaPod Action Kit: * GorillaPod 500 Action tripod * Joby GripTight * Impulse Bluetooth remote control
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