Be Quiet! Pure Wings 2 PWM (BL038) Szybka dostawa! Darmowy odbiór w 19 miastach!

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The Pure Wings 2 92mm PWM fans bring famous be quiet! silent cooling to entry level computing, yet are also appropriate for gaming and multimedia systems. The most important features include: - Nine airflow-optimized fan blades reduce noise-generating turbulence - Long life rifle-bearing gives an operating lifetime of 80,000 hours - Even at maximum speed, operates at only 19.6dB(A) - Especially recommended for use in water cooling and CPU cooling builds - PWM controlled fan speed through the motherboard - German product conception, design and quality control - 3-years manufacturer’s warranty Combining outstanding reliability, quiet operation, and a great price-for-performance ratio, Pure Wings 2 92mm PWM is unique in its class. They are the ultimate reason to put well-known be quiet! silent cooling in your PC.

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