Chłodzenie CPU Enermax ETS-N31-02 Darmowy odbiór w 21 miastach!

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ENERMAX ETS-N31 is an effective cooling solution for entry-level systems. With its compact-size design, ETS-N31 provides superb compatibility with chassis and RAM modules. The heat sink incorporates with patented VGF (Vortex Generator Flow), VEF (Vacuum Effect), and HDT (Heat pipe Direct Touch) design to ensure rapid heat dissipation and remove hot spots on CPU swiftly. ETS-N31, an ultra-compact CPU cooler, is perfect to small chassis. Maximum compatibility Compact size structure gives users greater flexibility in selecting chassis Patented VGF (Vortex Generator Flow) to increase air convection around the heat pipes HDT (Heat-pipe Direct Touch) technology ensures rapid thermal conduction and eliminates CPU hot spots quickly Asymmetric heat pipe design allows extra space for perfect RAM compatibility Tool-free mounting system ensures an effortless and easy installation "1-clip" fan bracket design for user-friendly installation

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