Fascial and Membrane Technique (opr. miękka)

Cechy produktu

  • ISBN 9780443102196 
  • Oprawa miękka 
  • Autor P. Schwind 
  • Wydawnictwo Churchill Livingstone 
  • Ilość stron 244 
  • Rok wydania 2006 


"The Fascial and Membrane Technique" developed by Peter Schwind combines the fundamental thoughts from Ida Rolf's Structural Integration with concepts of Osteopathy. With this a successful combination of form-stabilising and mobilising techniques has emerged. Due to this holistic approach the concept will appeal to all manual working therapists. The main emphasis of this book is on diagnostic and treatment of the breathing patterns manifest in the myofascial system; minimalistic as well as global application joint techniques; visceral techniques in the myofascial context; and special treatment techniques in the craniosacral area, eg for mandibular joint dysfunction, care of the upper jaw after implants and for the after effects of a whiplash injury.

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